So called independent legislator, not affiliated to any party, was recently kicked out of the circus, or for the uninformed, and parochial, pestilential, parasitic, illegitimate, legitimately failing and criminal zanu pf’ favourites impoverished electorate, the sycophantic majority rigged parliament. The parliament is a circus because the majority of its occupants became lawmakers, by virtue of rigging, afforded to them by the referenced party of pests and parasites through the equally partisan, militarized, corrupt and grossly inept electoral commission, that is sympathetic towards the futility of the creation of a one party state. In addition to being parasites and pests, who are significantly invested and preoccupied with plundering and looting the country’s finite, strategic, natural and non-renewable resources, the circus is also involved actively with rubberstamping tyrannical authoritarian and draconian laws such as the MOPA piece of legislation, as a means to an end of maintaining power collectively, illegitimately and indefinitely.

So why was the so called independent legislator, who really is a factional pawn in the factionalism wars plaguing the corrupt, inept, illegitimate, legitimately failing, plundering and looting zanu pf from the days of the Nhari rebellion, who is Mliswa, booted out of circus exactly? It is because he fingered an apparent sacred cow, that one gets his fingers chopped off, for fingering. The booting out of parliament, temporarily for now is the figurative finger chopping, and the cow?

The cow is the politburo, which is constituted by senile, pests and parasites for form the higher echelons of plundering and looting in the country, complimented, as can be expected or suspected, by military generals and other military top brass, who are responsible for the impoverished rank and file living in absolute squalor and destitution, despite being partisan, politicized, and unprofessional. Apparently, as is the norm in the paralyzed country, which is inevitably morphing towards state failure and collapse, unless the renewed, vibrant, resilient and innovative opposition that is sensitive and responsive to the welfare of the people who are impoverished, food insecure, unemployed, are increasingly turning to prostitution, smuggling, and prostitution, in addition to being oppressed and terrorized by criminals who are members of the illegitimate zanu pf, tranquilly transitions into power, there is no accountability or transparency, let alone responsibility.

This obvious dearth of transparency, accountability and responsibility, especially in public institutions, ministries and departments among others, is the reason why the parasitic, sadistic, illegitimate, legitimately failing zanu pf wants to retain power, even if it means wholesale killing of people perceived to either delay or actually inhibit the country’s transition into a one party state, where plundering and looting is not questioned in parliament, whose majority is rigged, questioned on basis of discrediting one pestilential and parasitic faction to appear saintly in the eyes of the public which is impoverished and deprived of service delivery, as a means to an end, futile of course, to gain legitimacy that cannot be gained through consensus, and popular will..

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