How would you know that you are ignorant? You would know, only if you do not sell your vote, which is your inviolable constitutional right, and subsequently vote for the resilient, innovative, and people’s welfare sensitive opposition, but for the clueless, illegitimate, plundering, looting, sadistic, legitimately failing zanu pf, whose membership comprises of senile, old criminals, who through perpetual mutilation of the supreme law of the land, have insulated themselves from ever facing justice for their looting and plundering for self-enrichment, as the referenced mutilation of the supreme law of the land assures them from insulation against rule of law, which among other things, would see them record losses, as plundered and looted wealth is recovered, and they are incarcerated, as required by the battered and violated supreme law of the land. This is why today there is a seemingly eternal electricity crisis, indicating undisputed state paralysis.

Ignorant people, like the three hundred families to face forceful, illegal land seizures, for platinum exploitation by old military generals fail to comprehend fully, the idiocy of the clueless, illegitimate, plundering, looting, sadistic, legitimately failing zanu pf, whose membership comprises of senile, old criminals. These are idiots who not only, years ago, were, by some random woman, outwitted and deceived that diesel was coming out of a rock, but have also prioritized a new parliament, which contributes nothing to the economy, for instance, with regards to production, be it in agriculture, for winter wheat or the mining sector, over revamping and modernization of the national electricity infrastructure, which is costly to maintain, due to incessant break downs and faults, vandalism by unemployed youths, let down by illegitimate zanu pf’ fat parasites and pests.

The money used to build the referenced old parliament would have ensured a stable supply of electricity, in addition to drastically lowering the import bill for electricity, and would have even conceived electricity exportation. But in its uninformed, illegitimate decision making organs which suffer from legitimacy and popular consensus from the people, a parliament was prioritized, and no new infrastructure for electricity generation was expanded in the national grid, to cater for increasing demand, given the recent years’ population explosion.

Industry will obviously be affected. It will be over exposed to countries with not only robust, modernized industry, but also guaranteed power supply, as has been the case with the resilient democracy of Zambia. Meanwhile, Scarfmore’s speech about how the parasites and pests built the parliament, will be missed by the majority, no longer accessing electricity. At least that one positive of the power cuts, barest propaganda.

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