The recent appointment of Mohadi’s daughter as an electoral commissioner has left many citizens disheartened, particularly those who are already struggling under the burden of the questionable, parasitic, and corrupt ZANU PF. This has led some to consider not registering to vote, or not participating in the upcoming elections. However, it’s crucial for the public to understand the implications of this appointment.

First and foremost, the unlawful and unconstitutional appointment highlights that the problematic ZANU PF lacks the popular support it claims to have. Furthermore, it demonstrates the extent to which the fearful, paranoid ruling party will go to maintain its grip on power, despite the lack of popular will and support. Without the backing of the people, the ZANU PF is well aware that it risks losing its privileged access to resources.

It’s essential to comprehend the underlying motives of the ZANU PF in making this appointment. The decision is part of a broader strategy to cling to power, even if it means disregarding the nation’s supreme law. By maintaining control in an authoritarian manner, the ZANU PF can evade accountability, transparency, and responsibility.

The lack of these fundamental elements in governance enables those in power to exploit resources without facing consequences. In the absence of the rule of law, the ruling party can continue to loot resources intended for the welfare of the oppressed, impoverished masses, while enriching themselves at their expense.

The controversial appointment of Mohadi’s daughter as an electoral commissioner is a clear indication of the ZANU PF’s intentions to maintain its access to resources by attempting to retain power illegitimately. However, it’s important for the disheartened voter to recognise that every action has a consequence, either positive or negative. The ZANU PF cannot continue its exploitative practices indefinitely. Eventually, the economy will crumble under the weight of the ruling party’s mismanagement, and the people may rise up against the government, as seen in historical events such as the French Revolution.

In conclusion, citizens must remain vigilant and continue to engage in the political process, understanding that the current state of affairs cannot last forever.

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