Individuals tormented by the oppressive regime and despotism of the disastrous and toxic ZANU PF are marking forty-three years. This commemoration is not only of the oppressive and parasitic ZANU PF’s tyranny, which primarily invests in unattainable ambitions of dominating a one-party state – a state currently incapacitated but inevitably heading towards failure and collapse – but also of the comprehensive, intentional neglect of the public’s well-being and the subsequent, evident deprivation of timely, affordable, dependable, effective, and respectable service provision.

There is genuinely nothing to rejoice about. For four decades, there has been nothing but widespread pain, distress, hardship, devastation, and disgrace, brought about by the ill-fated existence of the failing, parasitic, and toxic ZANU PF. This political entity is maintaining power unlawfully, at the cost of not only national security and sovereignty but also the state’s current status, which is paralysed by a stagnant economy with negative growth, rampant corruption as a means of shielding those in power, and rampant inflation coupled with an unstable, uncertain exchange rate.

This widespread pain, distress, hardship, devastation, and disgrace, brought about by the ill-fated existence of the failing, parasitic, and toxic ZANU PF, is caused by nothing more than the greed of those who form the membership of the criminal organisation of the failed ZANU PF. This greed has led to the looting, exploitation, and plundering of both natural, non-renewable resources, particularly gold, by the ZANU PF elite, and fiscal resources, which have been continually abused by ZANU PF, especially within its departments and ministries. For example, three hundred million was misappropriated without parliamentary oversight, despite the fact that the failed and corrupt ZANU PF has a rigged parliamentary majority. So, what does this have to do with 43 years of armed theft in neighbouring South Africa and Botswana? The answer is everything.

The fact is, ZANU PF is in power unlawfully, and it suffers from an acute, chronic deficiency of popular support. It may be confusing as to why a party claiming to be loved by the people it terrorises and oppresses would go to such extreme lengths to deny the resilient, innovative, and vibrant opposition it has tried time and again to destroy. The answer is that the failed, corrupt, and toxic ZANU PF is greedy, as mentioned earlier. This greed results in severe consequences, such as the pillaging and plundering of resources intended for the welfare of the people it oppresses and terrorises.

These consequences cause the state to become paralysed. The economy stagnates, and if it grows, it does so negatively. Unemployment becomes rampant, and with unemployment comes a concerning increase in crime rates. Generally, South Africans, considering their middle and upper classes, are wealthier than Zimbabweans, whose middle class is now almost extinct. This means that unemployed Zimbabwean youths view the wealthier South Africans as easy targets. On the other hand, Botswana is a logical choice for gold mining. This is because the senile and demented Scarfmore will not control the gold mining through rogue security officers, nor will there be the usual machete and gang wars, used by Scarfmore in his bid to control gold production.

The illegal gold mining in Botswana and armed theft in South Africa by Zimbabwean nationals are both undeniable proof that oppressed and terrorized Zimbabweans are desperate four decades after their alleged, largely theoretical independence. Economically, they are disempowered and malnourished.

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