The national sovereignty compromising, and national security undermining illegitimate and corrupt Zanu pf has failed at everything, except of course the constitutional mutilation and the accompanying fundamental constitutional rights to life and property. It failed at establishing a one party state, during the cold war, it chose the losing side, thus failed at socialism. Most prominently, it wants, but has failed time and again to decimate the opposition into submission, so that the illegitimate Zanu pf gets another shot of fulfilling its futile aspirations of a one party state. This is a development that will see Zanu pf parasites excelling at plundering and looting, given that in a one party state, transparency and accountability over fiscal and natural resources governance will be exiled!

POLAD is just like the unity agreement. Both have commonalities in that they are conceived aftermath of absolutely gross human rights violations, especially, the right to life. In both cases, the partisan, unprofessional and politicized military was used to terrorize citizens whose political affiliation, real or imagined was interpreted as posing a significant threat that caused massive uncertainty with regards to illegitimate power retention by Zanu pf parasitic elements. Aftermath these gross human rights violations, Zanu pf sought some form of piecemeal settlements, whose main utility was battering of these imagined threats which made the illegitimate Zanu pf paranoid, while aspiring to its one party state delusions, in futility. The unity accord in this regard is thus similar to the POLAD scam, just with no ethnic cleansing, although notably, lives were lost as a desperate and paranoid illegitimate Zanu pf deployed the military to aid in its illegitimate power retention, when it became obvious that it was rigging the 2018 elections.

POLAD, was thus to serve as a vehicle for transferring political legitimacy to an illegitimate party that suffers from debilitating deficiencies in popular will. It should be appreciated that the captured, Zanu pf dependant and sympathetic, partisan, politicized and militarized courts failed to give failED political legitimacy. Under the useless, doomed to fail, democratic abomination that is POLAD, political parties of no consequence came under Zanu pf, this flawed design was meant to force Chamisa to join them, thereby conferring political legitimacy on failED. This is because it was to portray Chamisa, the victim of a stolen election as selfish, and thus antidevelopment. As has been said above that Zanu pf fails at everything except constitutional mutilation, human and property rights violations, Zanu pf failed spectacularly in its childish gambling.

The situation has gotten so much worse that failED number two has asked churches to ask Chamisa to join POLAD, how many years after elections? How long before elections? Why this obsession with Chamisa? Is the unconstitutional Zanu pf realizing only now that it is a spent, wasted force? Aren’t the political parties only in name, like that of Mwonzora not enough? Is this a way of ZANU PF saying it is afraid of 2023 elections?

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