The illegitimate, pestilential, parasitic, criminal, sadistic, legitimately failing zanu pf paranoia is unsurprisingly varying. This time its paranoia has manifested in its claims of being infiltrated. It claims that some of its members are clandestinely working with the opposition, which, for decades, it has been trying to decimate so that it can establish a one party political system, where the illegitimate zanu pf whose members comprises of senile pests and parasites, would be superior to a mutilated and violated supreme law of the land, and would not have to worry about key governance precepts particularly, but not limited to transparency, accountability, equality before the law, separation of powers, as these all would interfere and inhibit plundering and looting for self-enrichment purposes.

Who in the illegitimate and criminal organization of zanu pf would cook claim that they have been infiltrated, and why? Those who are in positions of significant unconstitutional power, intending to retain their positions for life, would be the sole beneficiaries of coming up with such claims, as this would empower them to insulate themselves from any office contests, thereby losing access to resources for plundering and looting, and since they are pests and parasites, cannot produce, loss of their positions would be the equivalent of death sentence.

It is pure factionalism, which has been rebranded as infiltration, and besides, infiltration is simply not the modus operandi of the renewed, innovative, resilient opposition, that is subservient to the battered and bruised supreme law of the land, in addition to being sensitive, responsive to the welfare of the people whom the illegitimate, legitimately failing, plundering and looting zanu pf has neglected, while oppressing and terrorizing the mentioned people, as evidenced by wholesale human and property rights violations, as deterrence to discourage transition of the country into a resilient and flourishing democracy.

This factionalism is caused by nothing than misplaced, arrogant entitlement, which thus motivates zanu pf parasites and pests to gain more illegitimate power which translates to more access to national fiscal and or natural resources, as low hanging fruits for plundering and looting. This certainly is not infiltration. But a struggle against entrenched zanu pf pests and parasites, intent on keeping their access and privileges which empower them to loot and plunder against those who want the said positions, access and privileges, this is especially so, against the back drop of Scarfmore’s delusions of remaining president by 2030. This thus exonerates the opposition from alleged infiltration, of a failed organization.

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