In a recent turn of events, Zimbabwe’s prominent opposition entity, the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), has emphatically disavowed a letter making rounds on social media platforms, wrongfully alleged to have been penned by erstwhile MDC-T and PDP political activist, Songezo Tshabangu. The CCC clarifies that Tshabangu, not being a current party member, is the supposed architect of this bogus letter which suggests a recall of its parliamentarians and councillors.

The party, through an official communique, lambasted what it termed as a desperate political chicanery, supposedly engineered by Tshabangu alongside his notorious allies from Forever Associates Zimbabwe (FAZ), with suspected affiliations to the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO). According to the CCC, this stratagem aims at infiltrating and causing discord within their cadre.

This uproar emerges in the wake of CCC’s resolve to steer clear of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s recent state-of-the-nation address in the parliament, a stance which, as per the party, has irked Mnangagwa’s administration.

CCC’s spokesperson, Gift Ostallos Siziba, shed light on the matter stating, “The Citizens Coalition for Change has been apprised of letters, allegedly authored by an individual posing as the interim Secretary-General, circulating on social media, indicating that the Citizens’ Movement has recalled certain councillors and Members of Parliament.”

He further elucidated, “The general populace is urged to treat these claims with the disdain they deserve. The CCC has neither issued a recall nor harbours any intentions to recall its newly appointed representatives. The alleged author, Sengezo Tshabangu, has never been associated with the CCC party since its inception. His last known political alliances were with the MDC-T and PDP. He is infamous for acting as a stooge in fielding fake CCC double candidates in Bulawayo and Matebeleland North.”

Accentuating the party’s standpoint, Siziba stated, “The citizens’ movement is initiating measures against this impostor and his accomplices. This reprehensible act by Zanu PF is a knee-jerk reaction to their 2023 electoral defeat and the subsequent rebuff by the Zimbabwean populace, which is a feeble retort to our exercise of freedom of association demonstrated by our non-attendance at the parliamentary opening on October 3, 2023. Meanwhile, our delegates in local authorities and parliament should persist in fulfilling their duties as entrusted by the voters in the recent elections.”

CCC’s unyielding censure of the fraudulent letter and its staunch backing for its elected officials underscore the party’s resolve to uphold its integrity whilst repelling any endeavours to thwart its agenda.

Though Songezo Tshabangu has yet to respond to these allegations publicly, the CCC stands firm in its commitment to safeguard its standing and ensure that its affiliates and supporters are not beguiled by deceptive intel.

The party has exhorted Zimbabweans to stay alert and discerning amidst such misinformation crusades, perceived as ploys to impede the party’s ventures and cast aspersions on its authenticity.

As the political scene in Zimbabwe perpetually transforms, the CCC stands tall as a vehement opposition entity, poised to challenge the prevailing order and champion a shift in the country’s helm.

In summation, the CCC’s resolute rebuttal to the counterfeit letter highlights the party’s allegiance to its elected officials and its preparedness to tackle any efforts aimed at destabilising its framework. Amidst the unfolding political milieu in Zimbabwe, the CCC remains an unwavering opposition party, earnestly advocating for change and epitomising the aspirations of the citizenry.

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