In a clear display of desperation, the ruling party ZANU PF in Zimbabwe has resorted to unethical tactics in a bid to stifle opposition MPs from the Coalition for Change and Challenge (CCC) from contesting in the upcoming elections. Recent revelations have exposed ZANU PF’s attempts to forge signatures and spread false claims of double candidates within the CCC. These deplorable actions not only undermine the principles of democracy but also reveal the extent to which ZANU PF is willing to go to maintain its grip on power.

Forgery, a grave offense in any democratic society, has been employed by ZANU PF as a means to disqualify opposition MPs from the CCC. The party has allegedly attempted to forge signatures of CCC members, falsely claiming that they have withdrawn their support for their respective MPs. This malicious tactic not only violates the rights of CCC members to freely express their political preferences but also undermines the credibility of the electoral process.

Furthermore, ZANU PF has resorted to spreading false claims of double candidates within the CCC, aiming to confuse voters and create divisions within the opposition party. By alleging that the CCC has multiple candidates contesting in the same constituency, ZANU PF seeks to sow seeds of doubt and mistrust among opposition supporters. This strategy not only undermines the unity of the opposition but also undermines the trust that voters place in the electoral system.

These desperate moves by ZANU PF expose the party’s fear of facing a united and strong opposition. As the ruling party faces growing discontent and criticism for its handling of the economy and governance, it is resorting to underhanded tactics to suppress any meaningful challenge to its power. Instead of engaging in open and fair political competition, ZANU PF has chosen to engage in deceitful practices that erode the foundations of democracy.

It is crucial for the people of Zimbabwe and the international community to condemn these unethical actions by ZANU PF. Democracy can only flourish in an environment where political parties engage in fair and transparent competition, respecting the will of the people. By attempting to manipulate the electoral process through forgery and false claims, ZANU PF undermines the democratic aspirations of the Zimbabwean people and tarnishes the reputation of the country.

The upcoming elections in Zimbabwe serve as a critical juncture for the future of the nation. The actions of ZANU PF highlight the importance of safeguarding democratic principles and ensuring a level playing field for all political parties. The international community must closely monitor the developments in Zimbabwe and exert pressure on the ruling party to uphold democratic values and respect the rights of opposition parties.

ZANU PF’s desperate attempts to stop opposition MPs from the CCC from contesting in the upcoming elections through forgery and false claims of double candidates reveal the party’s fear of a united and strong opposition. These unethical tactics undermine democracy and erode the trust of the people. The Zimbabwean people and the international community must stand together in condemning such actions and demanding fair and transparent elections that truly reflect the will of the people.

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