The worst tragedy to ever have happened to paralyzed Zimbabwe, which is the illegitimate, national security and sovereignty compromising, and one party sate seeking zanu pf, is the problem to which it cannot be the solution. This is because the referenced organisation is founded on terrorism values and foundation, is totalitarian, completely hostile to economic and subsequently national development which would result in economic emancipation of the people whom it is terrorizing, oppressing, in addition to deliberate negligence of their welfare, resulting in prompt, affordable, reliable, guaranteed service delivery of decent quality, the bulk of which are fundamental, inviolable constitutional rights, particularly, but not limited to the right to education, the right to basic health care, the right to clean portable water. Since the above referenced parasitic, pillaging criminal enterprise is the problem that has caused the prevailing, and thriving state paralysis, it cannot be its solution. The solution is only the legitimate, renewed, resilient, innovative, opposition that is not only subservient to the supreme law of the land, that has become the perpetual victim of mutilation, violations and dilutions, by the former, using a rigged, sycophantic parliamentary majority, but is also sensitive and responsive to the plight of the oppressed, food insecure, terrorized, frustrated, unemployed, impoverished, inflation battered, exploited masses, whose welfare has been neglected four decades, as has been alluded to earlier.

The supreme law of the land mutilating, diluting and assaulting, anti-development, antiquated, barbaric, vile, one party state seeking, self-enrichment obsessed, genocidal, illegitimate zanu pf, which has failed undisputedly still lives in the past, and erroneously assumes that whatever it allegedly did in the past, to liberate the country, on paper, is sufficient, for it to remain in power, illegitimately, even if it means that the country’s evolution from the prevailing state paralysis accelerates to state failure and subsequent state collapse, which would plunge the region of southern Africa into chaos, bathing it in instability. This above mentioned living in the past, and the gloating in the erroneous assumption that whatever it did, painted as such in revised history, is what has made the illegitimate vermin in zanu pf a problem that is destroying this country, with inequality in terms of wealth distribution widening at an alarming rate, posing a national destabilizing dilemma, as a few pests and parasites, insensitively accumulate ill-gotten wealth hat is meant for the betterment of the lives of the majority, through illegitimate public office by the latter, and subsequent abuse of said office.

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