When you cannot deliver, you manufacture lies. Illegitimate zanu pf propaganda systems and pawns worked overtime, claiming misleadingly that the recently held by elections have demonstrated that the failed, development hostile zanu pf that is responsible for the prevailing state paralysis, that is inevitably going to result in inevitable state failure and subsequent collapse has made inroads into zanu pf strongholds where the electorate is enlightened and informed, and cannot be bought by weaponized and politicized food aid, distributed along partisan lines, as is the case in rural areas, where the electorate is ignorant, parochial, paranoid, and uninformed. The propaganda systems of the failed zanu pf were being cheered on by the unemployed youths who have been forced to evolve into online trolls whose job is to praise a senile, demented old man, failED. What is being called inroads is nothing but blatant, shameless rigging, aided by the equally shameless, captured electoral commission, which should the only honourable thing left for itself, to disband itself, and submit under the now mutilated supreme law of the land., given the blatant useless commission’s empathy for Zanu pf’s futile aspirations. Futile aspirations of a one party state.

Those who think that the embarrassingly failed zanu pf has indeed made inroads in the opposition’s strongholds have heads full of cow dung, and are acting like a camel that has stuck in its head in a tent whose material is made of sheer ignorance, and now has invested significantly to get in the tent of ignorance fabric completely. These claims of dung filled heads belonging to the impoverished bodies of those responsible for running zanu pf laughable propaganda systems are justified. This is because, for starters, an illegitimate party in power at the expense of a mutilated supreme law of the land, and thus is primarily responsible for the consequences which predominantly are not limited to the prevailing state paralysis.

Now, imagine that the state is an impoverished and malnourished donkey that is forty years old. A donkey that is expected to perform like a five years old donkey. This first donkey that is forty years old, worn out, abused and all has an anchor tied on its hind legs, and still is expected, rather is pushed beyond its limits threshold, abused, without any remorse or sympathy. Now substitute this unfortunate, abused donkey with the state, and you have a paralyzed state. The people who abused the donkey, underfed it are of course none other than the failed, corrupt parasites that constitute the illegitimate Zanu pf.

Not done with the substitution. Those who attended school when the teachers were still paid, and not being imported by countries with fewer natural resources endowments such as Rwanda learned about substitution. Complicated obviously for the failed zanu pf supporters who cannot, due to their sheer ignorance, and deficiencies in comparative flexibility intelligence, fail to comprehend and reflect on the urgency to substitute the failed, pestilential zanu pf. Besides, the children of the zanu pf supporters who have no comparative intelligence usually do not go to school, did not go to school, whether teachers were striking or not, are devoted to attending unproductive, resource draining zanu pf rallies, where they get to get told about a largely fictional liberation struggle which has failed to deliver its original objectives, mainly independence from colonialism. Now, Zimbabwe is a colony for the second time.  

Back to our suffering donkey. The food, and care it was deprived or denied, the donkey that is, need to be substituted with prompt, reliable, decent and affordable service delivery and welfare of the people, who now have evolved from a malnourished, impoverished donkey, to a terrorized, oppressed population, denied prompt, reliable, decent and affordable service delivery, whose welfare the failed zanu pf is unresponsive and insensitive towards, as it primarily invests and prioritizes on predation, plundering and looting for self-gain.

Now the question that made the choice of being the fattest elephant in the room, is how can a party that has obviously failed, is responsible for state paralysis make inroads in strongholds of people who for decades have been voting, and thus always substituting the failed for the successful, in this case the innovative, resilient and vibrant opposition? The same people that the failed pestilential zanu pf has neglected. The same people it has terrorized, why would they sabotage their chances of liberation by allowing the parasites to make inroads among the enlightened and informed electorate? Because it is more than one question, its now fat elephants.

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