The pestilential, parasitic, illegitimate, legitimately failing, ruinous, plundering and looting zanu pf is in bed with the killer disease, cancer, having finally succeeded in wooing it into its futile platform for negotiation, polad. This wooing has been made possible by the illegitimacy of the said criminal, sadistic and self-enriching party, whose trademark actions have been unrepentant negligence of the welfare of the people whom it oppresses and terrorizes, a welfare which it is unresponsive and insensitive towards. An illustration of the negligence, insensitivity and unresponsiveness towards the mentioned welfare of the people, is the palpable lack of cancer combatting infrastructure in the public health system.

For your own information, the whole of the health system for the public has collapsed. The personnel have been migrating for greener pastures, mainly to the democratic, liberal and free world, mainly Europe, and the United States of America, whom the paranoid pestilential and parasitic zanu pf sings about, as bend on regime change of tyranny and authoritarianism. In addition to the exodus of the skilled workforce, a terrible, irreversible loss for the country, there are also other pertinent issues plaguing the public health sector, mainly, but not limited to wide spread deficiencies in consumables, such as critical gloves, anaesthesia, syringes, anti-venom, anti-rabies, x-ray machines, and other diagnostic machines.

Why is that the public health sector has been allowed to collapse, when even the supreme law of the land guarantees, on paper, inviolable rights to assured medical access? The answer is simple and not yet so simple. It is simple because one can easily see that it is the blood lusting, pillaging and plundering zanu pf that is the culprit. It is not simple because there are other factors beyond even the control of the oppressed and terrorized citizens whose yoke is made heavier by denial to access of health services, such as interference of countries like China, at international bodies such as the United Nations Security Council, shielding it from scrutiny, and insulating it from actions that would compel it to democratize, after necessary legitimate reformation.

The irony that is never lost is that the people, who are the elites, pests and parasites in government that is illegitimate, and are thus responsible for ensuring that health service in the country is not only available but affordable, do not actually depend on the collapsed public health system. They depend on robust, efficient and functioning health systems from other countries, which more often than not are actual democracies. They loot and plunder the country’s national, natural and fiscal resources which they stash in offshore accounts in Europe which are hosted in democratic countries that zanu pf accuse of seeking regime change agenda.

Anyway, cancer had this to say, when it officially joined POLAD, “ I am in grim reaper mode, unless the youth, the oppressed and terrorized register to vote, I will come for them all, one by one, I will harvest them, after introducing them to an absolute diet of pain”

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