Job Sikhala, serving as the interim deputy president for the rejuvenated, dynamic, and tenacious opposition, which adheres to the highest law of the nation, finds himself imprisoned due to the dreadful and parasitic Zanu PF. This political party is consistently failing and repeatedly undermines, infringes upon, and debases the law. Sikhala faces charges of inciting violence, and his request to challenge the irrational and unjustified extended detention was denied. Curiously, the magistrates in the superficial, theatrical courts, who are in collusion with the biased and inept national prosecuting authority, turn a blind eye to the numerous publicly available evidence of Zanu PF’s members’ corruption and theft. This includes the cases involving Rushwaya, Scarfmore, and his family in the Draxgate scandal. The unwarranted, unconstitutional, and unreasonable prolonged detention of the fervent Sikhala demonstrates the deep-rooted paranoia afflicting the lawfully failing, criminal, and illegitimate Zanu PF. The extent of this paranoia reveals how far the unlawful, plundering, and human rights-violating Zanu PF is willing to go to shield itself from potential violence brought about by the citizens it has terrorized and oppressed for an extended period. Sikhala is accused of inciting violence, though it is not specified against whom. For those unfamiliar with the situation, it seems to be directed against the unlawful and unconstitutional government established by the failing Zanu PF. This is evidenced by the rampant inflation, soaring unemployment, a surge in armed robberies, company closures, foreign currency shortages, and escalating inflation. Instinctively, the dreadful and parasitic Zanu PF understands that it is the sole cause of a possible and unavoidable shift in the status quo. The primary reason fueling the dreadful and parasitic Zanu PF’s concerns is the inevitable loss of life for its members and those who have profited from their acts of plunder and theft. The people will rise violently against the illegitimate Zanu PF as they have been pushed to the brink, demonstrated by the party’s indifference and lack of response to their neglected welfare and the subsequent deprivation of essential services. It is worth noting that Smith faced similar deep-seated fears, and he resorted to political detentions as well.

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