The people of Mbare have long been plagued by the false promises and dishonest practices of the ZANU PF, a political party that has shown time and time again that its focus lies on the acquisition of ill-gotten wealth rather than on the welfare and well-being of its citizens. These nefarious practices have led to abominable consequences, causing the spectacular failure of state systems and accelerating the collapse of the nation. One such unfulfilled promise is the construction of swimming pools and flats for the residents of Mbare, which were to be funded by the state but have yet to materialize.

For years, the people of Mbare have suffered under the weight of inadequate housing and lack of recreational facilities. The promise of new flats and swimming pools, made by the ZANU PF in an attempt to secure votes and bolster their image, seemed like a beacon of hope for the community. Unfortunately, this hope was short-lived, as the much-anticipated projects never came to fruition.

The misallocation of state funds by the ZANU PF government has been one of the main reasons for the stagnation of these projects. Rather than investing in the welfare of the nation and improving the lives of its citizens, the government has prioritized personal wealth acquisition and the consolidation of power. As a result, funds meant for crucial development projects like the construction of flats and swimming pools in Mbare have been diverted to serve the interests of a select few.

Furthermore, corruption within the ZANU PF has led to a culture of impunity, with individuals feeling emboldened to engage in embezzlement, graft, and other dishonest practices. This has had a direct impact on the ability of the state to deliver on its promises, as funds that should have been used for public projects are siphoned off by unscrupulous politicians and their associates.

The consequences of these actions are far-reaching and have led to a state of paralysis in many sectors. The failure to deliver on promised infrastructural projects has significantly impacted the quality of life for residents in communities like Mbare. The lack of proper housing, coupled with the absence of recreational facilities, has left many feeling disillusioned and betrayed by a government that has repeatedly failed to serve their interests.

Moreover, the continued failure of the ZANU PF to address these issues has led to a growing sense of discontent among the population, with many feeling as though they have been left behind by a government that is more concerned with personal enrichment than with the welfare of its people. This has, in turn, contributed to a rising tide of social unrest and dissatisfaction, threatening the stability of the nation.

The plight of the people of Mbare serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of a government that prioritizes personal wealth acquisition and power consolidation over the well-being of its citizens. It is time for the ZANU PF to reassess its priorities and to focus on delivering on its promises, starting with the construction of the much-needed swimming pools and flats in Mbare.

In order for this change to occur, the government must address the rampant corruption that has seeped into its ranks and divert its focus towards serving the people it was elected to represent. The residents of Mbare, along with the rest of the nation, deserve better from their government, and it is time for the ZANU PF to step up and make good on its promises.

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